“All the ways of the LORD are Loving and Faithful…” Psalm 25:10

Our Services

Construction & Demolition Debris Removal

​After the big job’s done and everyone is ready to go home, there’s still that massive secondary job to contend with – the messy construction and demolition work can create a lot of waste and debris. We’re fully equipped to handle the clean-up and haul away construction and demolition debris.

Delivery Service

We know what it’s like to find that perfect piece of furniture at the right price, but they have no delivery service so we’re here to help. Mac will deliver your furniture or large item with care. We’re committed to providing our customers with fast and reliable commercial and residential delivery services.

Scrap Metal Pickup

Wheather you have an old washer and dryer, small broken appliances, old refrigerator, lawn mower, an old car or parts you need to be removed, we are here to haul it away. These are just some of the items that can take up space on your property preventing you from obtaining a clutter-free home.

Snow Removal

We understand that every client is different and may require diverse snow removal services. AT Mac’s we take pride in knowing that we can always organize our crews to ensure that our customer’s special needs are met. Whatever the situation we’re here to ensure that the weather doesn’t become an issue for you.

Junk/ Rubbish Removal

If you got junk don’t let it pile up and collect dust when you can easily have it professionally removed with a simple phone call. We take care of every step of the process from removing the items, loading the truck, cleanup and haul away. Not only will we remove your junk and unwanted items but will recycle everything we can. 

Our Team

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Rubbish Removal
Snow Removal
Scrap Metal Pickup

What Our Clients Say

Thanks Mac! What a wonderful team. Mac and his team took all the junk which have been in my backyard for almost three years. Now I have space to entertain and it actually looks like a backyard.

Joann T – Brooklyn

This was my 1st time using Mac and I’m really glad I decided to go with him. He and his team did a fantastic job getting rid of our old office junk…. and best of all they had the most affordable price.

Clive O – Manhattan

Hey guys, my new business is up and running it was all made easier because of you. All I did was make a phone call and the next day all the construction debris was gone. The fastest I’ve ever seen a job like that get done. Thanks a million!

James S – Queens

My basement looks amazing. I’ve been using Mac for over 4 years and they always do a great job with snow removal and my basement cleanout. Thanks again

Karen M – Brooklyn

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